Paid Internship With Awesome Digital Training!

We're hiring! One of our main aims has always been to improve access to the publishing industry, by paying proper rates and operating without unpaid interns. Now we're excited to be able to take that a step further and offer a 3-4 month internship, 1 day per week, paid at the Living Wage. Applicants from backgrounds under-represented in the industry are particularly welcome. 

We don't actually look this weird. 

We don't actually look this weird. 

Main focuses will be Admin, Production and Marketing, with experience available in Editorial and Publicity. Digital training provided. By the end of the internship, you'll have been taught everything you need to do an entry-level digital job at the average publisher.

Main tasks:

  • producing marketing newsletters / press releases

  • commissioning, editing & uploading online content inc video & audio

  • updating metadata, wikipedia etc

If and when (providing that the candidate is willing / these tasks fit within the allotted time):

  • assisting with events and promotions

  • mailouts

  • copy-editing & proofreading


  • strong literary tastes

  • excellent copy-writing skills

  • social-media savvy


  • An Asian language

Digital training will include:

  • ebook creation and distribution

  • Photoshop

  • InDesign

  • advanced search patterns (inc. regular expressions)

  • metadata and SEO (inc. ONIX)

  • web design (inc. buying domains, hosting, and FTP)

Schedule can be flexible around work / study arrangements – digital training would be evenings or weekends, regular evenings preferred.

Applicants accepted until 24th June. Please send CV and cover letter to