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2020 print subscription


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  • Matsuda Aoko, Where The Wild Ladies Are (transl. from Japanese by Polly Barton)

  • Ito Hiromi, Killing Kanoko and Wild Grass on the Riverbank (transl. from Japanese by Jeffrey Angles)


  • Duanwad Pimwana, Arid Dreams (transl. from Thai by Mui Poopoksakul)


  • Yan Ge, Strange Beasts of China (transl. from Chinese by Jeremy Tiang)


  • Salma, Women Dreaming (transl. from Tamil by Meena Kandasamy)

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More info:

A collection of linked stories, Where the Wild Ladies Are is a contemporary feminist retelling of Japanese myths and folk tales focusing on female ghosts.

Killing Kanoko and Wild Grass on the Riverbank are the latest collections by Japan’s most prominent feminist poet: frank explorations of what it is to be a woman, from bodies and sexuality to gender roles.

In Arid Dreams, Thailand’s pre-eminent woman writer investigates ordinary and working-class Thailand, where characters aspire for more but remain suspended in routine.

Told in the form of a bestiary, each chapter of Strange Beasts introduces us to a new creature. The narrator, an amateur cryptozoologist, is on a mission to track down each breed in turn, but in the process discovers that she might not be as human as she thought.

Salma's sophomore novel Women Dreaming centres on three very different women in a small village in southern India. Salma's work combines startling metaphoric resonance with a rare outspokenness about traditionalism and patriarchy in relation to Tamil women's experience.

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